moon canyou

It’s very simple, we work with flowers because they speak to us. We create arrangements for our clients, because they need flowers to speak for them. We tell the stories through a season, a composition, a poetic floral movement.


At Moon Canyon, our primary focus is on working collaboratively with our clients, crafting floral works that enhance private spaces, elevate public events
And express a wide variety of emotions.

Guided by our creative director, kristen caissie, we oversee everything from initial concept to selection of flowers, to the final details of arrangements, design and delivery.

Our goal is, always, to listen closely and from there – explore, imagine and manifest. For us, working with flowers is much more than merely creating a stunning centerpiece or dreaming up a delicate bouquet. Instead, we tell stories with our work, and with every client there is the opportunity to embark on a fresh adventure – to create mood and craft a tale, celebrate beauty and embrace the senses.



Nature as teacher


A resource for deepening your relationship with Nature

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