listening to the language of your body


Bringing in this offering has been my total devotion and focus of study for the last 7 years.  It’s my deepest desire to combine trauma informed somatic practices with herbal medicine. These healing modalities have been instrumental to my healing journey and have inspired my path as a healer.  

What we know about trauma is that it is disconnection. It's our body's wise ability to disconnect from that which was painful, overwhelming to the system, or just more than we can handle. Trauma often leaves us disconnected from not only the outside world but also from ourselves, from our truest nature. Somatic Healing is about gaining insight into the wisdom of your body, it’s learning about the way your body speaks through you and to you. I like to think of our bodies like plants, when we are grounded, we have our roots deep down into the soil, capable of receiving nourishment, while also letting go of what no longer serves us to be composted back into the Earth. This is a natural regenerative cycle. What happens to our body system when we experience big feelings or situations is we pull our roots up, go into protection mode, and cut ourselves off from this grounded place of connection. This is so wise and in these moments it's perfectly right to protect. But what also happens is we begin to lose touch with our natural healing wisdom.That cycle of nourishment, compost, release…. 

What this work does is it allows us to access the body without telling the story of what happened or why. Getting us out of the story we gain perspective. 

In our sessions I guide you into your body to meet any held emotions or sensations waiting there to be seen, felt, or listened too. With movement, sound, breath and our mythic imagination we are able to turn towards these parts offering them a loving witness.This is sunshine to your system.  In this space we are able to hear what our deep needs may be, how we can truly listen to what our body is saying and how to discharge and compost that which is no longer serving us. We do this little by little, building up resource, capacity and resilience within our nervous system. And little by little we thaw, we meet more of ourselves, and our inner navigational system begins to take over. We can hear our yes and our no. We set boundaries. We can feel desire, joy, pleasure. We can share our purpose with the world. 

Healing is about being present, in the body, able to have our feelings and not be hijacked by them. 

I love bringing in herbal allies to support my clients as they are healing. Trauma held in the body can have a cascade into so many areas of our lives. As we work to unwind our soma, it’s so important that we nourish and tend to the soil of our bodies.  Most of my clients experience symptoms of fatigue, hormonal dysregulation, tension migraines and digestive upset. The complement of herbal medicine to somatic healing is wildly effective. We work holistically to support healing, both psychologically and emotionally. 

If you are interested in learning more about Somatic Healing please head to my clinic page here.

I would love to hear from you and answer any questions you may have about this practice. Feel free to email me and we can set up a 15 min discovery call.



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