Gain deeper insight into the nature of your own healing


There is innate healing wisdom within each individual. It is essential to look at the whole person: mind, body, and spirit as one ecosystem.

The intention for this package is to serve as a foundation for gaining deeper insight into the workings of your body. Every healing journey is different just as every body is different. Whether you are seeking support to overcome chronic health issues or shift an acute symptom, I am confident that with the allyship of this care and the support of the plants you will usher in positive change. When we see new clients, we find it most effective to begin with a package of 3 sessions. This allows us the ability to set a safe and solid container, built upon a foundation of loving and supportive relationship. It is together, in this place, that we can encourage your healing journey to unfold.

Our first session together will be preceded by a thorough intake form, where you'll have the opportunity to get clear on your goals for our work together and you have a chance to help me begin to acquaint myself with you and your lived experience. We'll then come together for your 90-minute Opening Consultation. This is a time for an in-depth discussion of the support you are seeking as well as the symptoms you are experiencing, your relationships, your past, your future goals, your self-care practices, and whatever else you are called to share.

Your mental, emotional and spiritual wellbeing is as important here as your physiology. All is welcome, and all is important on your path to healing.

Using the information you share in our Opening Consultation, I will thoughtfully explore the connections between your story, your symptoms, your innate constitution and your goals to craft a detailed Wellness Plan addressing the root cause I see as the through-line. Your Wellness Plan will include my understanding of what you are experiencing health-wise, and how we can work together through custom herbal formulations, lifestyle recommendations, nutritional guidance, and spiritual practices to meet your individual goals. This first Follow-Up Session, where we deliver your customized Wellness Plan usually occurs within 7 days of your Opening Consultation.

Our 60-minute Follow-Up Sessions are a chance to reconnect and reflect on how things are going. We can discuss what changes you’re experiencing and drop into the places where you’re needing greater support. The value of these Sessions is that they offer us the opportunity to explore with more familiarity what is arising for you and your health, and evaluate how well your herbal formulations are serving you. Moving forward, we can schedule individual Follow-Up Sessions any time you desire.


If you are a new client, choose Initial Consultation and follow the steps to book your first session.

Appointment times are displayed in PST. If you need another timezone, select your appointment time and click ‘view in another timezone.’

Your card payment details are required for booking. You won’t be charged until your appointment time. There is a strict 48-hour cancellation policy. You’ll be able to review this before completing your booking.

When you’ve completed your booking, you will receive an email invitation through Practice Better to open your Client Portal. This is where you will complete your Intake Form and be connected with us for any appointment support you need in the meantime. 


If you are a returning client, please click below to access your 

Client Portal and book a follow-up appointment. 


If you are returning and don’t yet have a Client Portal, please email us at and we’ll create one for you, so you can book your next appointment. 


Welcoming the healing wisdom of nature into the body through hand crafted herbal medicine and one-on-one herbal consultations



Nature as teacher


A resource for deepening your relationship with Nature

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