Welcome to Moon Canyon
Walking in Partnership with the Green World


Hello everyone!

We’re so grateful you have chosen to come along on this journey with us. Thank you!

We’re looking forward to connecting with this community and sharing more about herbal medicine, spirituality, healing and the many ways to build deep and nourishing relationships with the Earth. Our intention with this space is to share in-depth explorations into all of these areas of interest while nurturing shifts and changes as the ecosystem of this community evolves. Both of us come from backgrounds of writing, personally and professionally, so we’re grateful to have this space to speak from our hearts in a way that is in alignment with our values, which can be challenging to do when limited by character counts and algorithms. 

We want this journal to feel the same to you, and invite you to share freely, with an open heart, so that we all might connect around our shared love of the Earth.

A little about us! We met during our years studying at the California School of Herbal Studies, and had an immediate bond around our spiritual practice, looking to the cycles of nature as guides, interest in trauma-informed care, and our love of Tulsi. Our sisterhood is built on a foundation of shared belief that we heal best in a loving community and a yearning to heal our own wounds of separation.

This new iteration of Moon Canyon - Moon Canyon Earth Centered Healing - came from our shared interest in herbal medicine that honors spirit, mind and body as inextricable elements of healing. To us, spiritual nourishment is as important as physical nourishment. It is through the lens of ‘as above, so below,’ that we view humans as an ecosystem, comprised of many  intelligent interrelated parts, informed by and born from the body of the Earth.

You can find these values and beliefs reflected in our offerings and the products housed in the shop. Every aspect of Moon Canyon is living and breathing and we look forward to seeing its natural evolution as we ourselves continue to grow and change. Below, you can find a quick tour of the new site to orient you to all that is housed within.

The Offerings section is home to both our individual healing practices, where we offer one-on-one herbal consultations, as well as our collective programs and workshops. This is also where you can learn more about our treatment approach and the toolkit we source from when working with clients.

In the Shop you can find our handmade herbal medicine line, containing products we developed to support both the physical body and the energy body. All of these medicines are made in small batches, containing the highest quality herbs, and there is deep prayer and intention in every formulation.

Our Seasonal Wellness Box subscription was the first seed planted, and the rest of the products grew from this inspiration. We are passionate about the healing that can come from aligning yourself with the natural rhythms of the seasons. Each season holds a unique signature that inspires the formulas housed within the box.
Thank you for being here with us! The depth of our gratitude for the support of this community has grown beyond measure, rooting us deeply in the fertile soil. We pray this work will offer you some of the love, support, and medicine that you seek as we collectively endeavor to remember what it is to heal in reciprocity and partnership with the wild green world.



Nature as teacher


A resource for deepening your relationship with Nature

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