Reciprocity & Co-Creative Partnership
Nourishing Spirit through Green Breath

Healing is relational

You’ll be hearing us speak about and refer to co-creativity, co-creative partnership, ecological consciousness, the greening of self, and deep ecology. What are these concepts and why are they so vital to our understanding of healing? Good question!

One of the key tenets of our ethos is that healing itself is a relational act. Meaning both healing happens in a relational field, with the support of a loving practitioner, guide, loved one or self that can offer unconditional welcoming to all the parts of you, and also, we are a part of a unified field, a web of life, and that the “personal” healing we do is an action taken within the larger ecosystem. We then are healing in all directions for all of life. Healing is relational because all is relational. We are all woven from the same divine intelligence that is Nature

Our dis-connection from this co-creative field is perhaps the root cause of a lot of the pain and separation we as a species face today.

This subject and philosophical concept is huge in our world and is something we are both so passionate about. At the core of our work as herbalists and healers is this felt sense that leading with compassion and making decisions that benefit all starts with listening. Listening to our bodies, listening to our higher selves and listening to the Earth. Working in partnership with the living world means making decisions that benefit all, that don't cause harm but support the natural intelligence of this planet. We have only to look to nature to see systems of being, ways to act in accordance with the land, and how life builds on cooperation.

Taking action to gain a deeper relationship with this sense of interconnectedness is a revolutionary act. Orienting towards Earth centered consciousness and away from anthropocentrism is a fundamental step in reweaving ourselves into the web of life.

We find sitting with the plants, opening ourselves to the green world and being present in loving communion with these ancient beings is a catalyst towards walking in co-creative partnership.

We are inextricably linked to our plant relatives through the process of give and take, we breathe in what they breathe out, and vice versa. What a beautiful way to connect back into this most ancient of  reciprocal relationships. Being present with and honoring the very substance that gives us life is so nourishing. Through our own Green Breath practices we have gained beautiful insight into plant consciousness and the healing of gifts of the Plant Spirits. Let this simple Green Breath Practice be one of nurturance, care, receptivity and honoring. Below we have recorded a green breath practice. This practice was handed down to us from Pam Montgomery, a teacher and mentor of ours whose work we highly recommend you check out.

Let Sarah take you through a 12-minute Guided Green Breath Practice or read it on your own below...

Wander to your favorite green space, tune in and receive healing from the wild green world.

As we lay our bodies upon the soil I ask you to close your eyes and begin taking deep breaths. Breathe slowly into your toes and fingertips, your legs and arms. Take another deep breath and breathe into your back and chest, slowly. Now, breathe into your shoulders and neck. Breathe deeply into your head and feel how relaxed you are. Breathe, now, into all your internal organs, and feel the oxygen being carried by your blood to every cell of your being, reviving and nourishing you. Breathe slowly,  now, and as you breathe feel the deep nourishment you receive from this life-giving breath. As you breathe, notice the green world around you. Picture in your mind’s eye the leaves of the trees, the plants and grasses, the flowers and bushes. As you breathe, notice the green world and its breath. Together with your green relatives, inhale and exhale. Inhale and exhale. As you inhale oxygen your green relatives exhale oxygen, and as you exhale carbon dioxide the green ones inhale carbon dioxide in a cycle of breath with the green world. Breath slowly now, and as you breathe feel the green breath of the plants you inhale. In-breath is the green beings’ exhalation, out-breath is the green beings’ inhalation. Cycle your breath with your green relatives. In your mind’s eye, see the circle of breath with the green world. Feel how this green breath nourishes you at the core of your being. This exchange of breath with the green ones is constant. Every second of every minute of every hour of every day, the cycle of breath goes on with the green world. Without your green relatives you would not have the life-giving oxygen, and without your carbon dioxide your green relatives would not have their life-giving element. There is an equal exchange, equal partnership by sharing breath together. Now, breathe deeply and feel the deep intimate communion that takes place between you and the green world though your breath. Each day as you walk out the door, greet the green beings with conscious exchange of breath, and be grateful for them in your life. 



Nature as teacher


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