Introducing: Into the Garden
In the garden of the senses lies the pathway to the spirit


Join us June 21, 11am PST, for the Solstice edition of Into the Garden. 
In this hour-long container, we’ll practice breathwork, engage in grounding meditations and discuss the regenerative nature of healing, all in pursuit of gaining a deeper felt sense of belonging to our bodies and the Earth. 

This month, we’ll be discussing and celebrating the themes of JOY & PLEASURE as WISDOM KEEPERS. 

Under the cloak of this Winter's alchemical energy, we dreamt up an offering that we’re excited to share with you, our dear community. This  monthly series, Into the Garden, is an opportunity to connect with you live, online, and remember what it is to heal in community. All healing is relational. And as Earth beings, it’s also cyclical. Into the Garden allows us to gather around a monthly theme; we’ll breathe together, ground, honor our inherent sacredness, and tend our inner gardens.

In the garden, we live each season through. We honor the pace of nature and the inherent regenerative wisdom of change. Our bodies hold this same innate knowing - they know how to let go and create compost, they know when it is time to plant the seeds of change, and they know when to blossom and bear fruit. In this virtual community garden, we explore once again how to align with Earth rhythms and become keen stewards of our inner gardens.

During this online gathering, you’ll experience:
- teachings of Earth-centered wisdom
- connection to your innate regenerative healing capacity
- guided embodiment practices
- attunement to the language of your body
- how to work with plants as medicine and kin
- foundational somatic healing practices

Our intention for Into the Garden is to create a space where we can gather with one another and honor the intimacy of tending. Our prayer is that you will leave our time together with an embodied connection to your own regenerative nature.

You can register for the free zoom call here.

We hope to see you there.



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