Supporting you on your path towards healing


There is innate healing wisdom within each individual.

It is essential to look at the whole person; mind, body and spirit as one ecosystem.

The intention for this package is to serve as a foundation for gaining deeper insight into the workings of your body. Every healing journey is different just as every body is different. Whether you are seeking support to overcome chronic health issues or shift an acute symptom, I am confident that with the allieship of this care and the support of the plants you will usher in positive change. 

All new clients begin with a package of 3 one-on-one sessions. This allows us the ability to set a solid container for supporting your momentum toward healing. The power of this work is experienced through regularity and consistency. Your initial consultation is an in-depth look into your health concerns and goals. You’ll have an opportunity to share your story, what you're experiencing, and what support you are seeking. I’ll ask you questions about your symptoms, as well as your health history, childhood experiences, lifestyle, work and home life, and overall emotional and spiritual wellbeing.

All parts of you are welcome and valuable in my assessment of the path forward. Using the information you share in our initial consultation, I will thoughtfully explore the connections between your story, your symptoms, your innate constitution and your goals to craft a detailed Wellness Plan addressing the root cause I see as the through-line. With the finalized Wellness Plan as our anchor, the second session will be a

time for us to walk through my understanding of your health, and meet your herbal formulations. Together, we’ll get clear about expectations for what is to come and you’ll have ample time to ask any questions that may come up. You’ll leave with the Wellness Plan in hand, feeling empowered and informed. This session usually occurs within 7 days of your initial consultation.

Our follow up sessions are a chance to reconnect and reflect on how things are going. We can discuss what changes you’re experiencing and drop into the places where you’re needing support. This is a time to explore adjustments to your custom formulations and replenish your medicines from the apothecary. We’ll celebrate all the work you have been doing and make sure you feel supported. Moving forward, we can schedule individual follow up sessions any time you desire.



Let's re-member what it is like to be connected to the Earth, to our body and to the wisdom that flows through all. 

This offering is a twelve week healing journey into a more rooted and aligned self.  Our container is a space to deepen your relationship to self, to your body, to spirit and the living world by opening into your inner knowing and nourishing the places within that are calling out for integration.

This program is an opportunity to strengthen that bond with your inner navigational system with support from the Earth itself. Your inner guidance is one of the most valuable aspects of self and one that is often turned away from, not trusted or not listened to. I like to think of our bodies like plants, when we have our roots down deep into the soil we can be nourished by the Earth, we can fully receive its messages, we can live our purpose and express from a place of true knowing. When we are under stress, blocked, and in pain we often pull our roots up and coil away from this place of connection. Working with the Earth and herbal medicine to once again feel connected to source, to deep spiritual nourishment and to the larger

ecosystem we call home is our truest nature. There is innate wisdom held within your body and it  knows the way forward towards healing.

Today, with the amount of stress our bodies  are under from diet, environmental toxins, work load, spiritual malnourishment and nature deprivation we have become less in tune with our most trusted guide, our own intuition. Our inner navigational system is also the seat of our inner healer. It is so important to nourish this place of connection when working to create balance again within the body. With our time together we will cultivate this inner connection, address any physical symptoms of imbalance, and shine light on any aspects of self that need healing.  

Healing is inherently regenerative and the medicine the Earth needs now is you, expressing fully rooted and stepping into the  reciprocal relationship of care for all beings on the planet.


Welcoming the healing wisdom of nature into the body through hand crafted herbal medicine and one-on-one herbal consultations



Nature as teacher


A resource for deepening your relationship with Nature

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