A 12-week healing journey into a more rooted and aligned self


Let's re-member what it is like to be connected to the Earth, to our body and to the wisdom that flows through all. 

This 12- week program is designed to give us the time and space to make lasting change. I believe that healing happens in the relational field, in the loving witness of someone who is there offering attunement and  unconditional welcoming for all the parts of you to be seen, honored and felt. Through herbal medicine, eco-somatic and embodiment practices we will entrain with the interconnected web of life and begin to operate from the seat of inner knowing once again. 

Over these twelve weeks we will explore your  relationship to self and your relationship to Earth, deepening into an ecological awareness that provides a firm foundation for your healing journey. I like to think of our bodies like plants, when we have our roots down deep into the soil we can be nourished by the Earth, we can fully receive its messages, we can live our purpose and express from a place of true knowing. When we are under stress, blocked, and in pain we pull those roots up, contract and coil away from this connection and cut ourselves off from source. Working with the Earth and herbal medicine to once again feel connected to source, to deep spiritual nourishment and to the larger ecosystem we call home is our truest nature.

During our time together we will work to soften and open those long contracted places within and foster adaptability and  resilience, strengthening your inner GPS. Learning to resource self once again from a connected, embodied and rooted place is the goal of this work. 

We will begin our time together by having an indepth look into your health concerns and goals for working together. Taking a holistic approach, I will listen to your full story, look at what you are longing to mend and actualize, ask questions about your health history, look at your constitution state, and to the symptoms, both emotional and physical, that have come up to the surface to deliver messages of what the underlying root cause of imbalance may be. We want to address all the aspects of self;  physical, emotional, and spiritual, nothing is off limits here. 

From that initial consultation I will carefully craft a wellness plan that is unique to you and will serve as our touchstone. Within  this plan will be custom  herbal formulations, dietary and lifestyle recommendations,  and spiritual nourishment practices. Our follow up sessions are our time together to work with the  foundations we've set, engage in somatic drop in’s and exercises of connection to become more intimate with your own cycles of healing.  A large part of this program is a re-membering of what our true nature is and how to gain more access to self by aligning once again to the inherent wisdom found in nature. We will do this through working directly and collaboratively with the plants. Deepening our relationship with the green world is woven into everything we will do within this container and is our primary resource for nourishing our roots. 


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Welcoming the healing wisdom of nature into the body through hand crafted herbal medicine and one-on-one herbal consultations



Nature as teacher


A resource for deepening your relationship with Nature

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